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Christian Alphabet: Z

March 15, 2019
Welcome! We've arrived at "Z" end of our Christian Alphabet journey - Z for zeal. It's potent and personal. How so? ZEAL is defined as "persistent fervent devotion to a cause". You've heard the term "cause and…

Christian Alphabet: Y

March 15, 2019
Welcome! Let's travel on God's Highway together again. We're making progress using God's alphabet of Christian living as found or illustrated in the Bible. Today's letter is "Y" for YOKE. A yoke…

Christian Alphabet: X

March 15, 2019
Welcome! We're on the move again. Making progress using God's alphabet of Christian living as found or illustrated in the Bible. Today's letter is "X". X often stands for the "unknown…

Christian Alphabet: W

March 15, 2019
Welcome back to the journey we're making together. God's alphabet of Christian living is guiding our steps. Today's life letter is W - Win! It's all about "winning the respect of others". The Scripture…

Christian Alphabet: V

March 15, 2019
Welcome once again, let's move ahead together with God and His enabling truths on the road to VICTORY, using the Bible's Christian alphabet. We all must "fight the good fight"…

Christian Alphabet: U

March 15, 2019
UNBELIEF! Welcome back, we're movin' ahead with God the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and God's Holy Spirit. God is moving in all directions every day. We want to move with…

Christian Alphabet: T

March 15, 2019
TIME! Welcome back, buckle up - we're movin' forward in faith. Destination? Life! Road map? God's Word, the Bible. Today's letter is T for TIME. There is a certain person who has…

Christian Alphabet: S

March 15, 2019
SATISFACTION! Welcome back, we're moving again on God's highway of life. Our map? The alphabet of Christianity found in the Bible. Today's letter is S for SATISFACTION. Are you satisfied? With what, you ask.…

Christian Alphabet: R

March 15, 2019
REALITY! Welcome once again, we're moving ahead on God's highway, fueled by His alphabet of Christianity from the Bible. Today's letter is R for REALITY. What is reality? Our dictionaries define real as "something that exists,…
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